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Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

The film Crazy Rich Asian is directed by Jon M. Chu and produced by Nina Jacobson Brad Simpson and John Benoit. Myron Kerstein is its editor and is produced by Warner Bros. Picture. The movies Crazy Rich  Asians (2018)   was released August 7,  2018, in TCL Chinese Theatre and August 15, 2018, in the United States. Its running time is 121 minutes and the languages used in this movie are Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and English. This movie earns $238.5 million throughout the world against its budget of $30 million. The Crazy Rich Asians (2018) movie subtitles downloadin different visions.

In this movie, Rachel Chu an economics professor at New  York University and Nick is her boyfriend who belongs to a rich family. She meets her boyfriend Nick after the lecture and tells to attend his friend wedding in Singapore. Then she went to Singapore with her boyfriend Nick to attend a wedding of Nick friend Collin to Araminta.  In Singapore, Rachel meets her college friend Peik and her family. She tells her about Nick, after knowing that Nick belongs to a rich high society family and his family is well-known Bachelor she shocked. In a dinner party, Nick introduced Rachel to his family. Rachel got frightened after knowing that Nick’s mother Eleanor did not like her. She tries to make a good impression on Nick’s grandmother  Su Yi. Astrid finds that her husband Michael is involved in an affair.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Araminta gives bachelor party and Rachel goes to attend the party. Where she meets Amanda Nick’s formal girlfriend she came back to hotel room here Astrid encourages her. Then she converts her attention to Michael affair. Here Nick attends Collin ’s bachelor party. They discuss Rachel. Nicks tells him that how he will propose Rachel. Nick went to Rachel bachelorette party for apologizing her not to telling her about her family before. Then they go to Nick’s house. Where Nick’s mother select their engagement ring. Eleanor privately tells Rachel that she can’t measure sacrifices he she gave to become part of this family. Rachel temporizes to attend the wedding but Astrid tells her to attend and stand in front of Eleanor. During the driving, Astrid tells her cause of Michael affair that of not understanding between them.

In a wedding, Rachel stands in front of Amanda and Eleanor. For private investigation of Eleanor or Su Yi, Nick and Rachel come to them. At last Eleanor discovers that Rachel is a born of an adulterous affair. After that, her mother Kerry stranded her husband and comes to United State. At that time, Rachel shocked to hear that her father died. She cried. Nick Grandmother tells him to stay away from Rachel before arising scandal but despite grandmother warning, Nick pursues Rachel. She stays some more days in her friend house Peik. Her mother Kerry comes to Singapore to giving her surprise she tells her about her father and also tells that she comes her through Nick. She tells Rachel for meeting Nick. Nick apologize and propose Rachel with an engagement ring. Arabic subtitles of crazy Rich Asian(2018) are available for understanding in a better way.

Rachel meets Eleanor to tell her that she ignores Nick proposal now she can marry Nick with that who is better for her family. Rachel and Kerry go back to United State but Nick is creating complications in their route. After that Rachel accepts his propose and stays one more night for the engagement ceremony.